Check These Tips Before Picking Your First DSLR

For the uninitiated, DSLR stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera. If you are a budding photographer or someone with a remote interest in photography, you should consider getting a DSLR at the earliest. You can always look for options like Nikon D3400 or a few models from Canon, but below are some of the aspects worth considering.

Start with a budget

Long before you consider a DSLR, understand what you can afford. Of course, DSLRs come in all sorts of options, depending on the kind of gear you are looking for. Setting a budget just helps in sorting the choices and brands. You can choose to buy the DSLR camera for now and wait for a while before buying a second set of lenses. However, a better idea is to look for kits, which tend to be cheaper. You may also want to keep a spare battery with you, especially if you are frequent traveler. Some DSLRs do come with memory cards, but these are not adequate in most cases, so consider the cost of that, as well. You need to also buy a good protective bag for your camera, because what brands offer as the ‘free variant’ is never of excellent quality as expected. There are also a wide range of filters out there, but if you don’t want to get into the complicated choices as of now, you would still need a UV filter for your lens. Some people prefer extending the warranty of their DSLR, so if you have that in mind, include that cost in the final budget.

Other factors

Typically, when you step into a store looking for a DSLR, the sales guys would want to know your interests. Some people just need a DSLR to record a few videos and click pictures of their daily life, and for that, you don’t need something every fancy or high-end for that matter. Check online to find the trending options in your budget and check what you exactly get. Keep in mind that the DSLR is more like a onetime investment, and it makes sense to do your homework. Look for reviews and find more about the DSLR. Is it upgradable? When was it launched? What are the possible lenses you can use with the DSLR? Can you use adapters to use lenses from other manufacturers? These are just some of the aspects that you need to consider.

Finally, do consider the size too. Some like Canon 80D are pretty compact without the lenses. If you are someone who travels very frequently, you might need to get a DSLR that’s easy to carry around. For the best deals and prices, check online right away, and don’t forget to check for kits!