Seven Main Benefits of Distributing Press Release

Although many people believe that press release is old and outdated, it is actually alive and well. In fact in this age of new media, a press release can help companies have valuable publicity to spread their message. Press releases today continue to help companies get media coverage. And you need to distribute press release to big media members to get your news heard. Here are some of the benefits of press release distribution.

It Benefits All Kinds of Businesses

Regardless of the industry you belong to and the size of your business, you can benefit from press release distribution. No matter what your story is it can get coverage in trade magazines, journals, podcasts and blogs.

It Is Inexpensive

The majority of companies write their own press releases. They only spend money on hiring a pr distribution service to get their story in the hands of major media members. However, even this is affordable and compared to page advertising, distributing a press release is nearly always the cheaper option for you

It Boosts the Visibility of Your Company

Business visibility is quite essential for small businesses; however, even big corporations must fight for consumer mindshare. Sticking to a long-term press release distribution technique let your customers to know what you do, who you are and why they need you. Also you capture the attention of journalists who will begin to trust you more and provide you more media coverage over time.

Establishes You as an Industry Expert

Expertise helps you in gaining your customers’ trust. When they trust you, they may buy from you. Also being an expert is great for media relations.

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Spread Far and Wide

Most big media outlets obtain a considerable percentage of their stories from local media outlets around the world. This is how the news industry works. A reporter picks up a story which will spread from a publication to another.

Uses Your News to Get More Customers

With the online press releases today, you don’t just write for the media as your audience. Millions of people get their news on the web on a daily basis. A lot of them are your customers so you have to consider your buyers as you write your press release.

Investors also keep up with the news

A press release that highlights the advancements and successes that your company make can be a powerful tool to attract investors. Ensure your website has an online newsroom for investors to browse through.